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How does the type of corporation affect taxes?

When someone is pursuing a dream, she or he is more likely to succeed if planning is involved. It is the same when someone is chasing a good business opportunity, and it is especially true when both are the case. Although it may seem insignificant for small businesses, the type chosen for a company or corporation can save vital assets and resources from taxes and liability.

How has 2018 affected the taxation of corporations?

Los Angeles is the site for a new construction fight

Los Angeles is undergoing a critical moment with its housing development. While cities in southern California and the Bay Area are seeking to solve housing shortages with innovative developments, some lawmakers in the City of Angels is trying to keep the character of its outlying neighborhoods.

The government in Sacramento has passed several statewide laws, such as Senate Bill 50, easing some municipalities' path to compact and affordable housing near transit hubs. This approach has been lauded as the most efficient and sustainable way to keep California's growth on track without contributing to overcrowding and longer commutes. But at least one city council member in Los Angeles opposes these laws.

Mediation helps with California business and labor disputes

Contracts keep trade open and employment free by reducing the risks of doing business with or working for another person or company. All honest businesspeople enjoy the security of contracts and the ability to pursue justice if one is breached.

There are many ways to work out a contract, and there are many ways to resolves disputes within one. A lawsuit for breach of contract is one definitive way to challenge someone's conduct or failure to meet an obligation. A simple lawsuit, however, is increasingly becoming a last resort after other steps, including mediation.

New law may help California developers with key projects

Transit by road or rail was California's big issue during the end of the 20th century, but now the big challenge is creating enough housing for a growing number of residents and workers. The governor in Sacramento has set the goal of having 3.5 million new housing units in the Golden State in the next six years.

One of the main drivers of new residential construction in California has been the belief that dense housing near transit centers is the best solution. However, a recent study claims that the price of units in these key areas has increased while the number of available units has not.

Bankruptcy filing puts business formation under public scrutiny

The legal form a business should take is often not the most attractive thought for an entrepreneur in California, but the right plan for a commercial entity is one of the earliest and most important decisions to make. The legal form of a business dictates how it is run, who can manage it and how its proceeds are taxed.

The recent bankruptcy filing by a California utility giant has brought the form and responsibilities of business entities back into more public attention. Large companies with substantial public responsibilities are often different from other business enterprises because there are some implicit duties beyond those to a shareholder or a company's employees.

Contract voided by California appeals court ruling

Employees of all sorts of enterprises in California find themselves agreeing to wide-ranging employment agreements, from injury waivers to nondisclosure orders. Most of these documents are designed to give employers the upper hand in the case of a claim, but many rights cannot be legally signed away even if that's what an employee wants.

A court of appeal in California's Third Appellate District recently denied an attempt to force an employee into arbitration over a workplace dispute. Many employers try to maintain control of dispute resolution methods by requiring complaints to be arbitrated under their own terms and occasionally by their own personnel. But the construction of the agreement made it unenforceable under California law, leading the judge to render the entire agreement moot.

What construction defects land builders in court?

More new buildings go up in California than any other place in the United States. They are often built by specialized professionals who adhere closely to industrial guidelines as well as local codes. When there is a problem with builders' or contractors' work, civil court may be the right place to address the issue.

What is an example of a construction defect?

Independent contractors may not be in California

Construction is big business in California, and it is a complicated business everywhere. From foundations to rooftops, from plumbing to interior design, new buildings take an army of workers possessing a wide variety of skills. It is no surprise that most construction work is done by contractors.

A new California judicial ruling that clarified the definition of independent contractors has many small business owners worried about the consequences. The new test of contractors is an "ABC" list to check if a worker is getting these done that are outside an employer's typical scope and level of engagement with the worker.

Why is it so expensive to build low-cost housing in California?

New construction is one of the requirements of California's booming economy. The strength and diversity of the state rely on new housing and office solutions for all sizes and shapes of families and businesses. The government in Sacramento may attempt to tackle the challenges to making new homes affordable to developers and buyers alike.

What's one of the challenges that developers face?

What is the right type of business entity for your company?

There are many types of business structures that can be used in the construction industry. The right legal structure for a business is one of the most important decisions entrepreneurs have to make. Knowing the key advantages and disadvantages of different business entities is vital in the early stages of your business.

What are the common types of businesses in California?

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