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July 2015 Archives

Construction defects may be easier to track under proposed law

Our readers may have heard about some of the more serious building-related tragedies that have occurred in Southern California over the last several months. The most tragic may have been the balcony collapse that killed several young adults during a birthday party in June. This incident sparked national outrage and landed the contractor in some serious hot water, especially when their record showed that they had been responsible for several similar incidents involving faulty design and construction of balconies that left them at risk of water damage and resulting instability.

There are two sides to every construction dispute

Two totally reasonable people can see a situation in very different ways. Even trained and experienced industry professionals can look at a scenario and, perhaps because of their different viewpoints, thought processes, influences and other factors, come to totally different conclusions. Is there always a right and wrong in the construction world? The answer is usually yes and no, but very rarely is one person 100 percent in the right while the other is completely in the wrong. In a complex and fast-paced world like the construction industry, disputes can arise at any time, and the difference between success and languishing in costly delays and litigation can be as simple as pursuing the right legal approach.

How well does your company know OSHA?

Over-regulating an industry can lead to a serious drain of time and resources for both small and large California construction businesses, and many operators have had trouble trying to comply with local, state and federal worker safety and construction industry regulations that stretch down to the smallest of minutiae. Of course, these rules and regulations are also there for a reason, and ultimately they are there to ensure that safety standards and construction workmanship are held as the highest priority.

Safety is a high priority under state construction regulations

People in the California construction industry know that construction sites can be a dangerous place if the site isn't properly managed and overseen by an experienced professional foreman. Construction accidents can be debilitating or fatal, which is why California has an extensive regulatory system in place to make sure that every contractor and operator has the appropriate safeguards in place.

Contractor facing serious liability after balcony collapse

People in California may have heard about a tragic incident in Berkeley last month where 13 young adults had gathered at a friend's apartment. They were all outside on the patio enjoying the California climate when suddenly the balcony gave way, sending them hurtling towards the ground dozens of feet below. All told, six victims died in the balcony collapse, leaving others injured and many mourners looking for answers.

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