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June 2015 Archives

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The California construction industry is currently experiencing a strong upswing, and with high demand comes plenty of opportunities for construction businesses and contractors to make their mark in the industry. But with this demand comes fierce competition, which is why so many firms want to stay lean and flexible, without carrying the weight of excessive overhead and unnecessary business expenditures.

What steps can a contractor take to get paid in California?

Contractors in California who do good work have every right to expect the owner of the project to compensate them for their work, but what happens when the owner fails to pay up? It's not quite as simple as it might be in the case of people who fail to make their car payments, in which case the bank can essentially swoop in and repossess the vehicle. In the construction business it's not very likely that the contractor will be able to remove the improvement or building from the owner's property, so what legal steps can a contractor take to get the owner to live up to his or her end of the bargain?

When a stop payment notice can come into play in California

California law has all sorts of remedies and causes of action that could be applicable to people involved in the construction industry. But most hard-working construction business owners would rather spend their hours getting the job done right than worrying about the legal side of things in case something does, in fact, go wrong.

The water shortage could well impact the construction industry

People across the country have heard plenty in the news about California's new emergency water-saving measures, which have been necessitated by creeping and seemingly endless drought and have touched the lives of nearly even Californian in some way or another. It's not just the farming industry which is feeling the pinch, it is also having widespread impact in other industries, including the residential construction world. The pool and spa industry in California is a multi-million dollar business, and thousands of small to large contractors will surely feel the sting of new water conservation regulations.

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