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August 2015 Archives

California sees growth in construction job sector

While the job market can certainly be a fluctuating entity, upturns can be a breath of fresh and promising air when they do occur. California recently experienced such an upturn, with a very positive report coming in that shows considerable growth in several different job sectors over the last month.

Experienced representation for construction disputes

The construction world is full of complex procedures that require equally complex decisions. While it of course would be ideal if all of these procedures and decisions were complete without complication, it is unfortunately not always possible. When complications arise in the realm of construction, seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney can help formulate a strong plan of action.

When is an owner liable for its employee's injury?

Nobody wants to see an employee get injured on the job. Injuries, even ones that initially seem minor, can lead to long-term physical consequences that can cause a person to never be able to work again. At the very least, an injury to a worker means he or she is unable to work, which means time away from job during which the employee isn't earning a paycheck. For an employer, it means having to find a replacement or accepting that the injury could lead to a costly delay on a construction project where time is money.

Construction safety claims and how to protect against them

People in the construction industry in California know that there are many other safer occupations out there. People in this line of work put their lives on the line every day to build the infrastructure that most citizens use and take for granted every day. Without workers to build safe roads, towers, apartment buildings and homes free of construction defects, our world would be nothing short of chaotic.

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