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Construction safety claims and how to protect against them

People in the construction industry in California know that there are many other safer occupations out there. People in this line of work put their lives on the line every day to build the infrastructure that most citizens use and take for granted every day. Without workers to build safe roads, towers, apartment buildings and homes free of construction defects, our world would be nothing short of chaotic.

But when it comes to quantifying just how dangerous this job is, the hard facts can go a long way. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the fatality rate for construction workers was nearly three times that of all workers in the U.S. Some construction jobs had much higher fatality rates. For example, the death rate for roofers was 34.7 per 100,000 workers, which is over ten times the national labor force fatality rate. Same with steel and iron workers, whose fatality rates were similarly high.

It is also worth looking at the leading causes of construction deaths. Perhaps not surprisingly, the leading cause was falls, which accounted for roughly half of all construction fatalities. Environmental exposure to harmful chemicals and substances was also a leading cause, as were transportation-related accidents and accidents involving equipment.

While most people know all too well that safety is a constant struggle for construction workers, it is also just as big an issue for construction operators and contractors who employ these workers. Owner-operators have to balance worker safety concerns with productivity, profitability, meeting deadlines and other stresses of managing a worksite or construction project.

Nothing can slow down a project like an injury, or the ensuing mess of litigation, insurance claims and regulatory penalties. But having an experienced attorney to call may be able to minimize the distractions and dangers caused by workplace safety concerns and accidents. Construction-related accidents and injuries may not be completely preventable, but their consequences may be able to be mitigated to some extent.

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