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November 2014 Archives

Things to consider when choosing a business formation

Business formation in California can be a complicated matter. Due to overlapping liability laws, tax laws and other considerations, choosing the right legal option for business formation is essential for any start-up company.

Defining a labor shortage in California's construction industry

People in California may have seen an interesting editorial article on the issue of skilled construction labor, which is central to the success and productivity of many construction firms. As demand for new construction continues to rise, some players in the industry say they are having a tough time finding and retaining qualified employees.

Mediation can save time and money in breach of contract cases

Many people in California think that taking legal action necessarily means dragging the issues before a judge, going through lengthy depositions, undertaking a time-consuming discovery process that can take months, and hiring expert witnesses to testify on an issue before the court. As an alternative to litigation, people dealing with contract disputes should consider mediation.

Construction case with Palo Alto school heats up

People in California may have heard about an interesting legal case between a construction company and the Palo Alto school district that has been heating up recently. The case stems from a contract that was awarded to Taisei Construction for the construction of two new buildings at Palo Alto High School. One of the buildings was a state-of-the-art media arts center, while the other was a two-story math and social studies classroom building.

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