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Film company pursuing construction litigation

A spokesman for a film company in another state says he wants his money back after another company failed to adhere to contract terms. The latter company was wired hundreds of thousands of dollars to begin building a new movie set for the film company. When the person in charge of the building company asked for even more money even though the project had not yet gotten underway, the film company decided to pursue construction litigation.  

Film company representatives say they are taking legal action to get their money back. After that, they simply want to cut ties with the contractors, so that they can reinvest their funds and find someone else to build their movie set. They also said that this situation has caused them to fall behind in their projected schedule by at least six months, something that is also a concern for California film companies. 

Contractors have denied all allegations 

The company that was hired to build the movie set has adamantly stated that the allegations of a breach of contract are without merit. A statement was issued saying that the contractors are confident that the agreement will be fulfilled and that the current dispute will be resolved. However, the person speaking on behalf of the film company said it no longer wishes to retain the services of the contractors, which is one reason why the company is pursuing the lawsuit.  

Solid contracts typically include scope and sequence 

To avoid contract disputes, it is always a good idea to include details regarding the scope of a construction project, including an estimated date of completion. Details regarding monies that will change hands and exactly what such funds are to be used for may also be incorporated into a written agreement. Any business owner in California who is currently facing contract problems may wish to consult with an attorney who has experience in construction litigation issues.