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Construction Law is All We Do
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Experienced representation for construction disputes

The construction world is full of complex procedures that require equally complex decisions. While it of course would be ideal if all of these procedures and decisions were complete without complication, it is unfortunately not always possible. When complications arise in the realm of construction, seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney can help formulate a strong plan of action.

There are numerous areas of construction that can be included in various kinds of dispute. Whether it is issues of payment, including collection matters, prompt payment of penalties or issues of construction cost accountings, having solid legal representation can greatly help in moving through the process

The [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] is experienced in handling many different types of construction disputes and has defended the rights of parties involved on all sides. Whether you are an owner of a public or private project, subcontractors of all types including design, electricians, roofers, equipment suppliers and more, our firm will work diligently to achieve an optimal outcome in the dispute.

Our sole area of practice is construction law, and this extensive knowledge and experience allows our firm to understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the construction industry. With more than 30 years of legal experience, we have the knowledge necessary to fully examine and represent many different types of construction disputes. The construction world can be a very complex one, but with proper representation, disputes can hopefully be resolved in an optimal way, paving the path for many successful ventures to come.