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Construction Law is All We Do
Construction-Specific Business Formation and Transactional Services
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Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services
Contract Bidding, Negotiation and Preparation for Private and Public Projects

Legal and business consulting services with no strings attached

The California construction industry is currently experiencing a strong upswing, and with high demand comes plenty of opportunities for construction businesses and contractors to make their mark in the industry. But with this demand comes fierce competition, which is why so many firms want to stay lean and flexible, without carrying the weight of excessive overhead and unnecessary business expenditures.

While many construction businesses would surely love to have their own in-house counsel, this is simply unaffordable for most small and mid-sized companies. But fortunately, experienced and professional legal counsel and consulting services may still available to these businesses, who can get the legal guidance they need for the issues they are facing without having to worry about long-term commitments or extensive salaries and overhead.

The Law Offices of John Lobherr have been serving diverse construction clients in the Southern California area for more than 30 years, providing legal and business consulting services of all kinds including contract disputes, labor issues, mediation and dispute resolution, business start-up and formation, bidding for private and government projects, licensing and regulation issues, and various transactions. With their extensive knowledge, they have provided professional and reputable representation and guidance to firms that need this specialized knowledge to help their businesses thrive.

There can be a high amount of stress when it comes to tense legal battles in the construction realm. Seeking an attorney experienced in such matters can help diminish the stress involved and hopefully move you toward a positive resolution. For more information, please consider perusing our construction law web page.