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How well does your company know OSHA?

Over-regulating an industry can lead to a serious drain of time and resources for both small and large California construction businesses, and many operators have had trouble trying to comply with local, state and federal worker safety and construction industry regulations that stretch down to the smallest of minutiae. Of course, these rules and regulations are also there for a reason, and ultimately they are there to ensure that safety standards and construction workmanship are held as the highest priority.

Whether we like it or not, rules under OSHA, California’s Occupational Safety and Health code of regulations, are here to stay, OSHA covers the most dangerous occupations in California, including construction, but also including mining, correctional employees and other jobs where there is potential for exposure to dangerous or toxic chemicals and environments. The penalty for failing to follow them fully could result in delays, fines, litigation and injured or killed workers and civilians, and in some cases both. The only thing worse than a worksite injury could be a lawsuit or a heavy fine for failure to comply with the OSHA statutes.

But, who has time to pore through hundreds of pages of regulations even before they get underway on a construction project? Therein lies the problem, and many construction companies don’t necessarily know whether they are taking adequate steps to protect themselves and their employees from injury or litigation. They may also be setting themselves up for a damaging and distracting complaint or report to OSHA authorities, who may suspend or shut down a project for failure to follow regulations.

The solution could include getting more information about regulations in the construction industry.

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