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Construction Law is All We Do
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There are two sides to every construction dispute

Two totally reasonable people can see a situation in very different ways. Even trained and experienced industry professionals can look at a scenario and, perhaps because of their different viewpoints, thought processes, influences and other factors, come to totally different conclusions. Is there always a right and wrong in the construction world? The answer is usually yes and no, but very rarely is one person 100 percent in the right while the other is completely in the wrong. In a complex and fast-paced world like the construction industry, disputes can arise at any time, and the difference between success and languishing in costly delays and litigation can be as simple as pursuing the right legal approach.

Construction litigation is sometimes a necessary course of action, but that doesn’t mean that people should actively seek it out. In most cases, it is something to be avoided if there is a better and more cost-effective way to establish and defend your company’s rights, assets and reputation.

Avoiding construction litigation starts well before ground is broken on a construction project. It starts with the basics, including making sure your contracts are well-written and provide your company with the latitude and protection it needs for a particular project. Contract law is not something to be taken lightly, and relying too much on the same old boilerplate language can be a costly first mistake that leads to liability and risk exposure that could put a project’s success, or even an entire company, at risk.

At our law firm we understand the value of a well-written contract, but we also know that even the best contract can’t always guarantee that further disputes will vanish. That is why we strive to represent construction firms at every step of the way.