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Drafting a strong construction contract

Contractors and clients both want to protect their interests when forging an agreement to complete a project. Once negotiations take place, both parties typically will ”sign on the dotted line” to seal the deal. If a construction contract is vague or one side or the other doesn’t fully understand its contents, a dispute may arise that sparks legal problems.

There are several things to keep in mind when drafting a construction contract that can help prevent disputes. If an issue does arise that is difficult to resolve, it is always best to reach out for additional support, especially if the problem has caused a delay in project completion or payment.

Determine what type of pricing will occur and be specific

There are several ways to bill a construction project. It is imperative that an agreement regarding pricing be incorporated into a written contract. If a contract lacks details on pricing, it is easy for problems to arise, such as clients claiming they did not know that they were responsible for costs associated with time and materials.

Include a detailed description of work to be done

Stating in a contract that a bathroom is to be renovated is much too vague. Instead, disputes are less likely to arise if the exact work to be done is itemized, such as installing a new bathtub and shower, laying a new floor, etc., including a time frame for project completion. The more detailed a contract is, the easier it is to resolve disagreements that arise. It is also wise to consult with a construction law attorney if a particular issue is causing legal problems.