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Construction Law is All We Do
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Resolve construction disputes in a timely manner

When two or more parties sign a contract for work to be done, several details are typically incorporated into the agreement. These details typically include the scope and sequence of the work to be performed, as well as a projected completion date. A construction contract also usually includes fees, acceptable forms of payment and the dates due. Construction disputes often arise if one party believes another party has failed to fulfill contract obligations.

A common construction dispute involves nonpayment, with the payor claiming that there are defects in the contractor’s work or that the job has not been completed according to the terms of the agreement. It is always best to try to resolve such issues directly and in a timely manner. The saying that “time is money” is central to the construction business.

Preparing a defense for construction litigation

The contract itself is always one of the key factors in resolving a construction dispute. A valid contract is enforceable in court. Carefully reviewing the terms often provides the most obvious solution to a construction dispute. For instance, if a client agreed to pay by a specific date for a certain type of work, and the work was completed on time in accordance with the contract, then the client is responsible for making payment on time, as well.

Construction disputes can be complex

It is not always easy to resolve construction disputes because certain issues can be quite complex. This is why it is wise to seek additional support by asking an experienced construction law attorney to review your case before heading to court. The Law Offices of John R. Lobherr have 30 years of experience providing construction litigation support to California clients. If you’re currently struggling to resolve a particular issue, you can request a meeting to discuss your case.