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Tips for avoiding breach of contract issues in California

Entering into a contract for construction is an exciting time for all involved. It can also be a stressful time. Everyone involved might not know what to expect once the contract is signed, even if it is all laid out in black and white. One of the more difficult issues to deal with when it comes to contracts is a contract dispute. Here are some tips for avoiding breach of contract issues in California.

Every contract you sign should clearly outline and explain the quality of work that will be performed. The contract should also specify who determines the level of quality provided and how it is judged. Some companies even offer warranties for their work, putting the responsibility directly on themselves if the client is not completely happy with the quality of work provided.

All strong contracts have a clause that describes the timeline for project completion. This helps many avoid breach of contract issues. You can include stipulations in the contract that if the work is not performed in the timeline provided, the contracted party can be dismissed from the project. Even though you are trying to avoid this, it’s a great way to avoid being accused of breach of contract if you no longer want to work with the company contracted.

Every contract involving construction should include a provision for terminating the contract. For example, there are times when one or more parties involved in a contract can no longer afford to move forward. Instead of waiting for the relationship to dry up and breach of contract to occur, a provision for early termination can be included and then activated when necessary.

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