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Finding The Right Collection Remedy Concerning Your Construction Project

“Now more than ever, construction disputes occur regarding payment, materials and workmanship. In today’s challenging economy, disputes denying you money earned or defending poor performance has become an all too common and mostly disingenuous practice deliberately aimed at reducing project costs.” — John R. Lobherr

Construction work performance disputes harm you and your business. Not getting paid when you’re supposed to get paid, not getting paid what you’re supposed to get paid and not getting paid at all are harmful to you and your business, too. As a California construction project owner, manager or partner, you will inevitably face these problems and need experienced legal counsel to help you overcome them.

At the Law Offices of John R. Lobherr, Inc., we know how to leverage the intricacies of collection, stop notice and mechanic’s lien statues, and we have been achieving favorable resolutions for clients faced with these problems for more than 30 years. We routinely handle complex and sizeable mechanic’s lien cases. Long story short, we can help. Contact our Irvine law offices to learn more about your rights and protected remedies.

We serve clients in Orange County, Los Angeles and throughout the Southern California region.

Knowing What Protected Remedies Are Available

Good news. You have constitutionally protected rights and remedies under California law that can virtually guarantee you payment, and mitigate damages and costly work performance claims as well. These include:

  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Stop notices
  • Bond remedies

That said, every step of the process involved for each remedy is governed by stringent rules that construction professionals must follow when managing California public and private works projects. Statues for perfecting mechanic’s liens remedies are particularly complex and confusing, in fact — so much so that even seasoned arbitrators, judges and attorneys routinely struggle to correctly interpret them. We don’t have that issue.

Nonpayment and slow payment claims are the most common bases for California construction disputes. As an attorney who has been focused on this area of the law for decades, John R. Lobherr has substantial experience and expertise when it comes to advocating for and protecting clients’ interests in construction collection matters.

Putting Construction Law Experience On Your Side

The bottom line: Whether you’re dealing with an owner who hasn’t paid you for work and materials or it’s something more complex such as a payment dispute involving numerous parties in private and government construction contracts — there is no challenge our firm cannot help you meet.

If you have a mechanic’s lien dispute involving $50,000 or more, please contact our experienced lawyer today. Call us at 714-401-4016 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation with construction lawyer John R. Lobherr.

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