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Intelligent Solutions To Your Payment And Collections Problems

You did what you promised. You completed the work, without defects and on time. You are entitled to full payment, without discount and/or delay. Very few things are as important as getting paid for the work, services or materials you’ve provided on a construction project. Getting paid what you’re actually owed and getting that money when you’re supposed to get it are a part of that equation as well.

Unfortunately, problems with nonpayment or delayed payment have become increasingly common throughout the construction industry. The contract you signed and protecting your mechanic’s liens, stop notice and bond remedies are critical elements that can guarantee the payment you deserve.

Providing Guidance To Everyone We Represent

Our clients are taught how to protect their right to full payment. They are informed and updated when the law changes and answers are only a phone call away when “how-to questions” arise.

With more than 30 years of legal practice experience focused solely on construction-related matters, the Law Offices of John R. Lobherr, Inc., offers clients in the Orange County, Los Angeles and Southern California construction industry an efficient solution to the problems associated with nonpayment, payment delays and construction collections.

The Kinds Of Payment And Collection Concerns We Resolve

Contact our Irvine offices for assistance with any type of payment or collections concern, including:

  • Drafting payment friendly contracts
  • Teaching how mechanic’s liens, stop notice and bond remedies work for clients
  • Delicate situations involving important business relationships that you don’t want to jeopardize
  • Nonpayment or delayed payment issues related to both public and private construction projects
  • Protected remedies such as use of mechanic’s liens and stop notices
  • Bond remedies
  • Recovery of prompt payment penalties
  • Prosecution and defense of payment-related claims

Proactive Measures Can Minimize Payment Problems

As important as it is to have a results-oriented attorney who knows how to navigate the complex requirements of mechanic’s liens statutes or stop notice remedies and who can effectively protect your interests in court, if it becomes necessary — there are even greater benefits to be gained by having an attorney who can help you minimize the risk of payment problems in the first place.

We help clients accomplish this goal with smarter contracts and contract language, with lien and stop notice practices designed to optimize rights to collect, and with other important safeguards as well.

For seasoned representation, speak to California construction lawyer John R. Lobherr by calling our law offices directly. Call 714-401-4016 or contact us online.

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