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With proper care, public works projects can be great for builders

State and local governments are among the largest property owners in California. They frequently seek to repair their buildings and infrastructure, such as roads, or construct new ones.

The announcement of one of these projects is usually a big deal in the state’s construction industry, because they can be lucrative business opportunities. However, successfully bidding on a public works project can be very complicated. There are a number of state and federal laws and regulations that a company must wade through before it has a chance to take on the project.

For example, most public construction projects in California require the contractor to hold bonds to ensure performance and payment. Also, if there is your company makes an error during the bidding process, you may be stuck taking a huge loss, unless you and your attorney can show that you are entitled to relief.

There are also rules related to construction delays or work performance issues, once construction starts. It is important that the contractor has as much protection as possible from unfair consequences if there is an unavoidable delay in completing the project.

Most construction companies would rather avoid legal trouble rather than have to deal with it. Having a business law attorney with extensive experience in construction law can help maximize their chances of avoiding common pitfalls, while also having a strong advocate in the event a dispute turns into litigation.

Besides advising clients during the prequalifying and bidding phases, the attorney can help make sure that important documents are saved in the event of a dispute, and help settle issues between the contractor and subcontractors.