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Landscape contractors accused of breach

Numerous homeowners in another state have joined forces to bring a problem to light that they all have in common. At various times over the past year, each of them hired the same landscape contractors to complete construction jobs on their properties. The only problem is that the contractors in question reportedly never “completed” any of the jobs, as promised, even though a substantial amount of money was already paid, an issue to which some California homeowners may be able to relate.

One man said that he hired the contractors to build a $280,000 spa and pool in his backyard. The agreed-upon date of completion was in June 2022. The man said he has paid the company approximately $210,000 so far, but they left the job after only finishing 10 to 15% of the project. Now, the man says, he has a gaping hole in his backyard.

Contractors make big claims on YouTube

The landscapers accused of signing contracts, receiving money, then not finishing their work supposedly made a YouTube video where they bragged about their fiscal projections for their next financial cycle, stating that they expect to earn at least $7 million. Another homeowner said she gave the company approximately $90,000 to do a job that was supposed to be completed months ago. The woman said that the contractors walked away after only 40% of the project was complete.

Written terms of agreement are important in cases like this

When construction law issues arise between a California client and a contractor, one of the first logical steps to take is to carefully review the terms of agreement that both parties signed. Most construction contracts include dates of completion, scope and sequence of performed work, as well as paid fees. An attorney experienced in construction litigation can provide support to someone who believes they are dealing with a breached contract.