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Townhouse delays may lead to construction litigation

California builders often encounter problems with local municipalities or city officials with whom they have signed agreements. Most people prefer to resolve such issues out of court. However, that is not always possible, which is why state law allows construction litigation to take place if someone believes that another party has breached a contract or failed to uphold his or her end of an agreement.

A situation is brewing in another state that involves a building company and city officials. The two entities signed a contract stating that the builders would construct a certain number of townhouses in a particular location to create a buffer between existing homes and a large apartment complex. City officials claim that the builders failed to complete the project by the agreed-upon date.

The builders say they requested an extension

The builders say that they asked the city to extend the date of completion on the townhouse project. The delay, they said, was reportedly caused by heavy congestion in the area. There have been several closed-door meetings between the builders, city commissioners and neighborhood representatives; however, a solution to the problem has not yet been determined. The mayor of the city said there is a possibility that the case will wind up in court.

Construction litigation may be less stressful with legal support

Construction laws are complex, which makes disputes between parties difficult to resolve. If a concerned party of interest is unable to achieve a fair solution through discussions or out-of-court negotiations, litigation may be necessary. It is helpful to ask an experienced construction law attorney to review a case and to provide guidance throughout the litigation process.