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Homeowners win big in construction lawsuit

Anyone buying a newly built home in a California subdivision has the right to expect it to be up to code and functional. Sometimes new home buyers discover that the building process was defective. A case in another state, for instance, involved 100 homeowners who joined forces in a class-action construction lawsuit because their new homes required repairs due to building failures.

The soil settled and caused plumbing issues

One of the problems the homeowners were experiencing had to do with plumbing. After construction was complete, soil beneath the homes continued to settle, causing plumbing systems to break. The movement of the underground soil also is said to have caused cracks in the driveways and in the foundations of the homes.

Windows and doors weren’t working properly

The homeowners also asserted that the windows and doors in their homes were not functioning properly. This was also believed to have been a result of settling soil underneath the homes. The hurricane straps on many of the houses were also defective.

The court ruled in the homeowners’ favor

The judge overseeing the case awarded the homeowners $9.25 million. When split between the plaintiffs, each homeowner was set to receive more than $50,000. The claim took nearly four years to be fully adjudicated, with hundreds of thousands of documents in review, as well as extensive testimony and depositions from witnesses. Construction litigation is often complex, which is why most California homeowners and builders rely on experienced construction law attorneys to help them navigate the system.