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Brad Pitt back in court over breach of contract

Many California movie fans have followed the Brad Pitt vs. Angelina Jolie divorce and child custody case for several years now. Recent reports show that Brad Pitt has filed a lawsuit against Jolie, this time on grounds that she has breached a contract they signed regarding purchase of a vineyard. In his legal claim, Pitt has stated that Jolie disregarded the terms of the contract by selling her interests in the vineyard without first obtaining Pitt’s approval.

The former spouses purchased the vineyard together in 2008. It was also the location where they exchanged vows on their wedding day in 2014. Pitt has stated in his claim against Jolie that the vineyard was his “profitable passion,” which reportedly grew into a multi-million-dollar, international business venture.

Pitt says his company was denied first right of refusal

The iconic Hollywood film star has listed numerous grievances in his lawsuit against the mother of his six children, including tortious interference contractual relations and breach of implied covenant. He is seeking damages and has asked the court to order a reversal of the sale that took place without his approval. It is not the first time the former couple has gone to court regarding property and estate issues.

For any California residents who are facing similar legal problems

Contract issues are a common central focus of California litigation, especially regarding construction laws. Many construction contracts include details about possible future sale of a property or structure. Such litigation is often complex and stressful, which is why most people ask an experienced attorney to represent their interests in court.