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Judge halts multi-million-dollar project

A conflict is raging in another state between a company that has invested tens of millions of dollars in a geothermal building project and a group of Native Americans who believe the project is placing nearby natural spring water at risk. California builders or residents facing similar legal issues may want to follow this case. As it stands, a judge issued a preliminary injunction, ordering all construction on the geothermal project to be halted for 90 days.

Builders ask judge to cut construction halt in half

The lead builder in the geothermal project has asked the court to reduce the time ordered in the preliminary injunction to halt construction from 90 days to 45 days. Company representatives say that 90 days is too long and may cause them to have to stop construction altogether. The builders say they have already spent more than $60 million on the project.

Native Americans say the project infringes on their religious beliefs

The tribe of Native Americans that sought the court’s intervention to halt the geothermal project expressed several concerns as to why they are opposed to the construction. Acting alongside an environmental group, tribal representatives told the court that the project places the health of those within the local environment at risk. The plaintiffs also claim that their religious beliefs hold the nearby spring waters to be sacred, meaning the construction project would taint the waters and infringe upon their beliefs.

Builders say the injunction could cause them to lose millions in revenue

The builders have informed the court that they are under contract to complete the project by a certain date. They have further stated that a 90-day halt places on-time completion at risk and could cause them to lose as much as $30 million in revenue for not adhering to the contract terms. Interested parties are currently waiting for the judge to explain his reason for issuing the injunction. In cases like this, an experienced construction litigation attorney is a great asset, especially when it comes to filing an appeal, if there are grounds to do so.