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Construction disputes and how to mitigate

Productivity can take a hard hit when California contractors are faced with disputes. Understanding the most common causes of construction disputes and how to mitigate them can help contractors resolve problems in a timely manner. It is also a good idea to know where to seek additional support when needed if a contractor is unable to resolve a specific issue.

Design, workmanship, scope and more

One of the best ways to avoid construction disputes is to draft a solid contract at the start. Including details regarding change of scope, inclement weather, project delays and other important issues can help avoid disputes if problems arise before a project’s completion. Some of the most common issues that arise when clients and contractors disagree include design flaws or incompletion, as well as deficient craftsmanship, denied access to work site and delays due to adverse weather.

Contractors can reduce the chance of disputes in these ways

As mentioned earlier, creating a solid contract from the start helps keep construction disputes at bay. A contractor will want to make sure a design is as advanced and detailed as possible, that an accurate estimate of cost is laid out, and that the projected schedule is practical and feasible, leaving room for delays or setbacks. Prompt communication with all pertinent parties if a problem arises is another means of avoiding legal problems.

When initial efforts fail to resolve a dispute

Construction disputes can cause complex legal issues, especially if a client refuses to render payment or disregards the agreed-upon terms of a contract. In such cases, it is helpful to rely on an experienced legal team to explore options for a fair solution. A California construction law attorney is also a great asset to have on hand if litigation is necessary in order to resolve a dispute.