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Construction dispute raging in another state

It is relatively common for disagreements to arise regarding California construction projects. At times, parties involved may be able to peacefully resolve their differences outside of a courtroom. Other cases, such as a current dispute that is taking place in another state, often wind up in litigation when the parties in question are unable to reach a settlement on their own.  

Group that opposes the project asked state to intervene 

The project in question is a $1 billion hydropower corridor that is being constructed as a response to a clean-power request. Construction includes a 145-mile transmission line to bring hydropower to the area. In a recent election, voters unanimously voiced their opposition to the project, which prompted a request to the state to order a halt.  

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection approved the corridor 

In August, a lower-court judge ruled that the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP) did not have the authority to grant Central Maine Power Company a lease to public land where the corridor construction was to take place. The MDEP is reportedly now determining whether it will void the authorization. In the meantime, the National Resources Council of Maine requested that construction on the project be immediately halted.  

Central Maine Power Company president weighs in on the issue 

The president of Central Maine Power Company stated that his company believes the corridor project would be an economic and environmental benefit to the region. He stated that the company will continue to advocate for its progress. Construction litigation cases like this can take weeks, even months to resolve. A company or individual facing similar issues in California may find it helpful to consult with an experienced construction litigation attorney in order to clarify state laws that are relevant to a specific case and to determine a best course of action for finding a swift and fair solution to a construction-related dispute.