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When payments due spark a contract dispute

Signed agreements are an integral component of the California construction business. When someone hires your company to build something, both parties agree to specific terms regarding what type of work will be done, how long it will take to complete the project and how much the client will pay for your services. It’s frustrating when you fulfill your obligations in accordance with a contract, but the client doesn’t keep his or her end of the deal, meaning you don’t get paid on time.  

Delayed payment, nonpayment common construction industry issues 

Just because a particular problem is common in your industry, doesn’t mean it’s OK when it happens. As a construction business owner, you have a right to receive full payment, on time, in accordance with the terms of a signed agreement. It’s not only important for you to understand requirements of a mechanic’s lien but also stop notice remedies, as well.  

It’s equally important to know where to seek support if you’ve attempted to collect a debt and have been unable to resolve the problem. The best way to prevent payment problems is by using concise and explicit language in a contract and to make sure all signature parties clearly understand what they are agreeing to before signing. It’s helpful to ask an experienced construction law attorney to review a contract and to make recommendations on how to revise wording to better protect your interests.  

Find solutions to debt collection issues 

Perhaps your accounts receivable department has made several attempts to collect an overdue payment but has not been successful. You may decide it’s necessary to take legal steps to resolve the problem. The Law Offices of John R. Lobherr, in California, is fully equipped to address any and all aspects of construction law and contract disputes. You can schedule a consultation by using the contact form on our website.