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What to do if a contract dispute arises

Construction law can be complex, making it difficult to resolve problem issues between contractor and client. If a contract dispute arises, for instance, it is important to know what options might be available to resolve a specific set of circumstances. An option that is viable in one case may not even be relevant to another.  

Some contract disputes can be resolved through discussion 

The sooner the parties involved address their contract problems, the better. Such issues have a tendency to snowball with time, which can make matters worse. When both sides are willing to come together to talk about a disagreement, it may be possible to find a solution without have to take any further steps.  

A more formal form of dispute resolution might be necessary 

A concerned party might want to discuss a construction contract dispute in a more formal setting than simply talking on the phone or having a private meeting. Mediation or arbitration might be a better option in such cases. In each of these alternative forms of dispute resolution, there is either a mediator or facilitator who helps keep the peace and makes sure discussions stay on topic.  

Litigation is also an option when a situation can’t be resolved otherwise 

A person involved in a construction contract dispute might need to seek the court’s intervention to resolve the issue. Perhaps one party is accusing the other of not making payments as agreed to in the contract. Maybe one side says the other failed to complete the project on time. A judge can carefully review a case and legally enforce the terms of agreement, if necessary.