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California solar project locked in a legal dispute

The owner of a California hotel has joined with other members of the surrounding community to take up a particular matter in court. The group of community members and business owners is trying to prevent a solar panel project, the largest solar farm project ever to be planned in San Diego. In its complaint, the group has stated that approval for the project violated zoning codes and applicable environmental law.

The project is slated to span more than 600 acres

The developer of the solar farm project received approval to move ahead with the plan that will cover more than 600 acres. One of the hotel owners said the developer has not considered the needs or goals of the local business owners. Many people have added their names to the litigation, stating that the physical positioning of the enormous solar farm will interfere with views of the desert and mountains.

Those opposed to the project have also complained that the project will interfere with plant and animal life. They also claim that the solar panels will create a heat effect that makes it difficult for aircraft to land at a nearby airport. The developer has stated that the goal is to begin construction in 2022 and have a functioning project by the following year.

Complex construction issues take time to resolve

It will now be left to the courts to determine if zoning codes or environmental laws were violated in the approval process for the solar farm project in California. When numerous parties are involved in a construction litigation case and the issues at hand are complex, it pays to rely on an experienced legal team for representation in court. Construction litigation attorneys are skilled negotiators who can help protect a client’s best interests and can make sure that the goal of proceedings is to find a fair solution to the problem.