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Zoning disputes often delay construction

California building codes and regulations often determine what can be built in a specific location. These zoning codes govern commercial development and residential construction as well. A region in another state, however, does not have any zoning laws, resulting in a major dispute between townspeople and community officials.  

Residents were upset about a paintball warfare course 

When a battle-style obstacle course was constructed in a residential neighborhood, many people were angry about it. Homeowners were upset when patrons of the paintball warfare business were allegedly interfering with their quality of life. Paintball customers were said to have been urinating on homeowners’ fences and acting unruly.  

The president of the Louisianna parish where these incidents are said to have taken place ultimately ordered the paintball company to cease and desist its activities. It is not the only commercial enterprise that has gone up in the zoning-code free parish. A shooting range and a mining project were also built in residential areas.  

Parish may pass a land-use ordinance for the first time 

The council in the parish has reportedly been discussing voting on a land-use ordinance, which would be the first of its kind for that area. While most neighborhoods in California have zoning ordinances, construction disputes still arise. If that happens, an experienced construction law attorney can help. The lawyer can review the details of a specific case and recommend a best course of action to resolve the issue.