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Dealing with contract negotiation issues

A well-drafted contract can help you accomplish much as a California construction business owner. Most construction disputes involve contract issues. The agreement you sign with another party might not be the only contract that is relevant to a particular project. The terms of other agreements may have an impact on your contract, as well.

Many types of projects and many types of contracts

The exact terms of a contract you’re considering depend on many factors, including the type of project associated with your agreement. From custom home projects, tenant improvements, private retail projects or public infrastructure and construction, terminology and terms may vary, according to the specific needs of signature parties, as well as the goals of each party that is signing. Contract issues can be complex and difficult to resolve if a problem arises.

Seeking support ahead of time is a key to contract success

Unless you’re well-versed in all aspects of California construction laws, codes and regulations, there may be a clause or contingency in a proposed contract that may not protect your interests. However, if you do not have a specific legal background in contract negotiation, preparation and review, you wouldn’t necessarily be able to identify terms or clauses that place your financial interests at risk in a specific agreement. This is one of several reasons it pays to have an experienced contract attorney review your agreement before you sign anything.

What to do if a contract dispute arises

In certain cases, resolving a contract dispute might be as simple as bringing all interested parties back to the table to clarify the terms of the agreement and collectively determine a best course of action to ensure that everyone who has signed the contract is adhering to its terms. In some situations, a concerned party might determine that litigation is necessary in order to come up with a fair solution to a specific problem. The Law Office of John. R. Lobherr, in California, has 30 years of experience in helping clients protect their rights and financial interests when a contract dispute arises.