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California mayor files construction litigation suit

There’s a legal storm stirring in Oswego County, California. Conflict has arisen between the city of Oswego and its Port Authority department. Mayor Billy Barlow recently announced that the city is pursuing construction litigation regarding an enormous storage facility that Port Authority is building.  

Did Port Authority disregard approval codes? 

In any type of construction litigation case, it is up to the court to decide whether allegations brought by a plaintiff are true. In this case, the city contends that Oswego Port Authority failed to properly navigate the approval process before beginning work on its new storage facility. There have apparently been many complaints from community members, stating that the facility is blocking the best vantage points in the area for viewing the local lighthouse.  

The mayor’s office has accused Port Authority of deception 

Mayor Barlow’s office issued a statement accusing Port Authority of both not following the proper channels for construction approval and deliberately deceiving regulatory agencies by proposing one type of building yet constructing another. Barlow had agreed to hold off on filing the lawsuit while Port Authority reviews alternative construction plans for a design that will not block the lighthouse viewshed. However, construction was supposed to be halted in the meantime but wasn’t.  

Construction litigation can be complex and difficult to resolve 

Every state has its own construction codes and regulations. Proper approval must be obtained before building anything in a zone that requires it. If legal complications arise, it is always best to consult with someone well-versed in California construction laws before heading to court to try to resolve a specific issue.