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What goes into the scope of work in a construction contract?

Whether here in Irvine or elsewhere in California, every construction contract needs to contain certain elements. One of those elements is the scope of work, or statement of work, which outlines exactly what is required of the contractor. Construction companies may want to ensure that this document is well laid out in order to avoid there being any miscommunications or misunderstandings regarding what they will be responsible for throughout a project.

The SOW, as it is referred to, includes vital information regarding the project in addition to the responsibilities taken on by the contractor. It should contain enough information to provide an estimate for labor costs along with a payment schedule and contracting method. This document also includes any special contract requirements in addition to the standards and regulations the project must comply with as it moves forward.

Other information needed in the SOW includes the project’s requirements and the objectives of the contract. Even all of the duties, limitations and tasks related to the project ought to be in it. Another important part of the SOW is that the language is clear, concise and plain enough for everyone to understand. Ambiguous language should be replaced with more direct language aimed at cutting off any misunderstandings before they can occur.

The fact is that many instances of construction litigation arise out of misunderstandings of the contracts that govern projects. If the scope of work is clear and concise, it could help avoid any such complications in the future, which would certainly end up costing everyone involved time, money and effort. In order to help ensure this and other contract documents increase the odds of a smooth construction process, it would be beneficial to work with a California construction law attorney.