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Bidding on a construction renovation project

Not every building project will be from the ground up. Many involve renovating commercial structures that are already standing. A construction renovation project can be a lucrative source of income for a California general contractor, and the importance of the bidding process should not be taken lightly.

One thing every property owner and developer wants is to know that the general contractor takes his or her renovation project seriously and will pay close attention to detail. A contractor can show this from the first meeting, which could occur as a walkthrough of the property in question. Asking questions, wanting to see any drawings the client has and making suggestions could all make the introductions and first meetings go well. Understanding what the client expects at the end of the project is vital.

From there, it will be necessary to calculate the cost of materials and labor, including subcontractors. However, is it also necessary for the contractor not to undercut his or her business just to win the bid on the project. Factoring in a profit margin is just as important as providing the client with a good deal. It would be beneficial to review it with the client once the final bid is complete, since he or she is most likely not familiar with the ins and outs of construction. The more he or she understands, the higher the chances are of a successful bidding process.

A California general contractor’s forte is the construction part of the process, not necessarily the paperwork and legal aspects. This can make the bidding process stressful and frustrating, and a contractor could easily forget to include important information in a bid for a construction renovation project or a new build. Instead of attempting to work through this process alone, it would most likely be beneficial to work with a lawyer experienced and knowledgeable in construction law.