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Know how to handle client complaints about construction projects

Dealing with an irate construction client is a challenging undertaking. It might be tempting to just shut down their complaints and cut your losses, but this can be a costly proposition.

Instead of going to battle with the client, you have to consider your reaction and how it will impact your business. One consideration for you is what’s included in the contract you signed with the client. You must ensure that you comply with it so that you aren’t accused of breach of contract.

When a client comes to you with a complaint, be sure that you listen to their concerns. Knowing that you’re willing to hear them out may help them to calm down some. This can make it easier to get them to accept the solutions you have to offer.

As you discuss the situation with the client, don’t say anything that could be construed as you taking the blame for the issue. This is especially important if there was an external factor that led to the problem. Make it clear that you understand what they are stating is wrong but try to avoid laying the blame anywhere.

Once you offer the client the possible solutions, let them decide which one they want. By giving them options, you’re helping them to feel empowered. This can often lead to them feeling even more satisfied than they would be otherwise.

There are some instances in which you won’t be able to satisfy the customer at all. They might opt to take legal action. In this case, you should work on your defense against their claims.