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Contract disputes can affect your construction company’s success

It often seems as if everyone in the U.S. suffers from anxiety about unfair treatment when entering into an agreement or contract with another party. In particular, professionals in the construction industry often experience an unexpected threat of litigation over something that may not be their fault.

Many people automatically assume that construction contractors are only out to make money and are willing to lie or cheat to pad their wages. We know that this is not normal or even acceptable behavior on the part of contractors here in California. Most of you strive to operate your businesses honestly and fairly. With this in mind, it is safe to say that the last thing you expect is for your clients to initiate contract disputes in a legal setting.

Examples of construction-related contract disputes you may encounter as a contractor include the following.

  • Claims that you failed to adhere to your contractual responsibilities
  • Contract disputes centered on construction defects
  • Claims that you intentionally or even accidentally delayed progress on a project
  • Allegations that you deviated from the exact specifications of a project

Whatever the nature of the dispute, it can wreak havoc on the success of your business. Even simple word of mouth that you engaged in some form of wrongdoing can leave a permanent — and unfortunately negative — mark on your contracting company.

Our attorneys routinely urge contractors embroiled in any type of dispute to seek a legal opinion. This can open the door to forms of resolution that you might not have considered. Standing up for your business in the face of contract disputes can also show your prospective clients that you are committed to operating your enterprise fairly, professionally and legally. Please continue exploring our website for further information.