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Can expert witnesses help you beat construction defect claims?

California contractors and builders know all too well how a simple construction defect claim can completely ruin their businesses. Building and construction professionals need immediate assistance to contain the possible fallout defect claims can cause. While there are many legal strategies lawyers can use to defend their workmanship, you may also want to consider using expert testimony to strengthen your case.

Expert witnesses can help you build a solid case in construction litigation cases centered on defects. However, because there are so many expert witnesses available to testify, many contractors are not sure what kind of testimony they need. Below, you will find a list of experts that can help sway a court to trust in your side of the claim.

  • General contractors and trade-specific contractors can explain to the court the proper way to approach the various tasks that come with construction.
  • Architectural and design experts might help your case by demonstrating that it was poor design rather than poor workmanship that caused the alleged problem.
  • Soil and soil engineering experts could aid your side of the dispute by explaining how ground movement may have caused any problems that occurred.
  • Building code experts can show the court that you complied with all of the code requirements mandated in the state of California.

If you are already embroiled in construction litigation, hopefully, you have a skilled attorney assisting you. He or she can help you determine which kind of experts will best strengthen your case. Further, construction litigation lawyers already know many of these experts. This means that finding an expert to testify on your behalf is a relatively simple process when you have a lawyer on your side.