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Prospective law may change the face of California construction

California is on the rise. In fact, conditions for many people in the Golden State have been so good for so long that it seems its rise will never stop. But the growth of the economy is bringing its own problems, and construction may be the solution once the government in Sacramento makes changes.

A bill in the state Senate is designed to encourage home building by requiring cities to relax any zoning restrictions within a certain distance of mass transit stops and terminuses. Another provision would require wealthier communities to allow for more apartments regardless of proximity to mass transit.

“It’s no longer acceptable to attract tons of jobs while refusing to build housing,” said the state senator sponsoring the bill. “That isn’t sustainable. It doesn’t work. And it has to change.”

Some towns, like Palo Alto, are accustomed to single-family homes at high price points. If it became a law, this trend would end with apartment buildings in many parts of town where tall buildings do not yet exist. Some people who paid high real estate prices to live in a suburban paradise may object to the changing character of their towns.

Jobs aren’t going anywhere, and construction companies will be part of the solution to not enough housing for the newly employed. Contractors may also be part of the legal solution through lawsuits and other actions that help form up California construction law.

Companies involved in construction disputes may use an attorney to help figure it out. A lawyer is very useful to builders hoping to secure their present and future.