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Los Angeles is the site for a new construction fight

Los Angeles is undergoing a critical moment with its housing development. While cities in southern California and the Bay Area are seeking to solve housing shortages with innovative developments, some lawmakers in the City of Angels is trying to keep the character of its outlying neighborhoods.

The government in Sacramento has passed several statewide laws, such as Senate Bill 50, easing some municipalities’ path to compact and affordable housing near transit hubs. This approach has been lauded as the most efficient and sustainable way to keep California’s growth on track without contributing to overcrowding and longer commutes. But at least one city council member in Los Angeles opposes these laws.

The councilman objects to the destruction of neighborhoods full of single-family homes, many of which date back to the booms in the 1940s and 1950s, which brought in new Californians from other parts of the country. These spacious areas with low-rise housing and ample yard space are considered a luxury in the face of a new larger boom affecting the entire Golden State.

Another concern often listed by opponents to Senate Bill 50 and similar laws is the risk inherent in quick construction completed by a multitude of subcontractors. Construction defects and other related problems are far more expensive and dangerous in larger projects than smaller homes.

Victims of bad-faith construction deals or poor workmanship in new buildings have the right to claim financial damages to correct these issues under California law. An attorney can help litigants work out their options and estimate the damages required to solve these problems.