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What if your house gets built on the wrong lot?

Experts warn that it is often difficult for people who do not have training and experience to read lot lines and understand property boundaries. You may have a general sense of where your property ends, but do you know exactly what it stops and the next lot begins? A lot of people do not, so they hire professionals before buying homes or having them built.

But what happens when the professionals make mistakes? What if they build your home on the wrong lot? It happens, and California residents need to be aware of the problems it can cause.

One 5,300-square-foot home in Florida got built on the wrong lot, and no one noticed until the home was done. The person who paid for it actually owned the lot next to it. There was no way to move the house, so the owner had to talk with the person who owned that other lot and get the owner to agree to switch.

Sometimes, the error is not found out for years. One woman purchased a home back in 2009. It had been built by a construction company that then went under. In 2016, she found out that the company had made a mistake. She did not own the lot where she had been living for seven years. The company had built the entire home on the wrong land. She had actually purchased a vacant lot nearby. She worried that she would lose her house.

These issues may not be common, but they’re hugely problematic when they occur, and you must know all of your legal options.

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