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How can a business law attorney help my company?

Many business owners often wonder why they would ever need a business law attorney on their payroll or on retainer. It’s not uncommon to think about this issue, especially when many issues can be handled without the help of an attorney. For example, picking your company’s name and writing a business plan. But, there are some more complicated issues that should be handled by an attorney.

Some of the most successful companies today have a business law attorney working for them or kept on retainer. You never know when legal matters will crop up, which is why it’s best to find an attorney you trust well ahead of time. One such issue involves employees and discrimination complaints.

Complaints can be filed against your company for discrimination in firing practices, hiring practices and for hostile work environments. An attorney will be able to respond to the complaint and handle any other legal issues that arise from the complaint so you can continue to focus on the daily operations of the company.

Is your company planning on selling? Is it planning on purchasing another business entity as part of a merger? If so, a business law attorney can help in both of these matters. Negotiating the terms of a sale or purchase should not be left to just any member of your organization. This includes writing the contract and ensuring that the transaction goes through as planned.

Is your company in need of new representation? It’s best to work with an experienced Orange County business law attorney for the difficult items mentioned in this post.

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