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Public contracts can be a good source of business in California

People in California know that the last couple of years have seen a major spike in construction employment as well as an increase in the number of construction projects and infrastructure improvements. In both the public sector and private sector, now is a great time for enterprising individuals and companies in the construction industry to make their mark.

With the tremendous number of public contracts up for bid, new business start-ups may be interested in pursuing contracts with state and local governments for public construction contracts. Projects such as schools, hospitals, jails, courthouses, public housing and other public buildings can be a major source of income for construction companies, but many construction firms don’t have the knowledge and experience in pursuing these types of contracts. Public works projects and the processes involved can be complex and intimidating for those without the requisite experience, but with the guidance and knowledge of a construction law consultant, these projects may be very attainable.

Public sector contracts generally require firms to go through competition in the bidding process, in which each competing firm proposes a model, a cost projection and a timeline for completion of the project. In addition, they must submit numerous other authorizations and meet other requirements that may be more stringent than those required of most privately funded projects. Sound business planning and preparation are absolutely key for competing for public works projects.

Attorney John R. Lobherr has been helping construction firms pursue and acquire clients in the private and public sector for over 30 years, and he can put his experience to work for new clients who want to expand their base of operations. For new firms looking to break into the world of public contracts, or established firms looking to expand, his website on construction projects can be an invaluable tool.