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Does gender make a difference in the California business world?

The California construction industry is one that has historically, and remains today, primarily dominated by men. Not only are more construction workers men than women, most business owners in this field are men as well. But this doesn’t mean that women are any less equipped to get started and absolutely thrive in the construction industry. In some cases, there may be tangible benefits and incentives available to women-owned and operated firms.

Women-owned small businesses, or WOSB’s as they are called for short, are recognized by the federal government as being extremely important for the health and diversity of the business world. That is why the federal government sets aside certain contracts which are only available for firms which are women-owned. What this means is that women-owned firms may have a greater opportunity to provide important goods and services to the federal government, and reap the benefits of a potentially massive federal contract.

Now is as good a time as ever to be a woman-owned construction business, which is why those who are interested in expanding or starting their own business start-up have no time to waste. The construction world moves quickly, and the competition can be tough, which is why those who have the help and experience of a construction and business law attorney to help them through the compliance process and other complicated business and legal matters have a great advantage.

An attorney may be able to help with business planning and formation details, including helping business maximize their competitive advantages through programs and incentives such as the Federal WOSB initiative. When it comes to setting up a business with an eye toward bidding and competing for state and government contracts, every little advantage can be used to land a lucrative contract.

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