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Construction Law is All We Do
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People in California have varying thoughts on lawyers, but it is often true that most people don’t appreciate the skills and services an attorney can bring to the table until they need one in their corner. In the construction industry, busy professionals don’t have the time to carefully review and second-guess every decision they make in order to keep the flow of business moving. But they also know that reckless decision-making can lead to liability, so walking this fine line can be a challenge to construction company owners who don’t have an extensive legal background.

Legal issues can be cumbersome, but they are an integral part of the construction industry. Developing adequate contracts with architects, subcontractors, employees and others is absolutely essential, but people who don’t have a legal background often struggle when it comes to the finer points of writing a legally enforceable contract to protect their best interests. In addition, litigation can tie up a tremendous amount of resources, including time spent in court, depositions and seemingly endless correspondence.

This is where the services of an attorney such as John R. Lobherr can be invaluable to both fledgling and established construction firms alike. Knowing that litigation and legal issues can create a tremendous distraction to construction firms that are more interested in completing their projects, securing new business and contributing to their bottom line, an experienced law firm can offer a wide variety of consulting and legal services to its clients. By focusing on the legal issues his clients face, including contract law, employment issues, and regulations and state law compliance issues, that firm able to create the one thing that its clients need most — time.

For any legal issues involving construction, obtaining the right help could make all the difference. For more information, visit our construction law page.