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Those who do it themselves still rely on consultants

Entrepreneurs in Southern California don’t reach success by sitting around and waiting for others to take charge; they do it themselves. Successful start-up companies and more established businesses generally both have something in common, i.e., owners and managers who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and take action. Being proactive and aggressive in the business world is a great attribute, but even the most hands-on businessmen know that they can’t do everything themselves.

That is why many successful business operators in the construction world surround themselves with partners and employees whom they can trust. The only problem is that sometimes good help is hard to find, especially for small businesses who are trying to minimize their overhead and remain lean. Few small construction businesses have the time or assets to go out and recruit their own experts and, in any event, their business structure simply won’t support the massive salaries and benefits packages needed to retain full-time employees with the skills and experience needed to push their business to the next level.

For small businesses in this situation, hiring a business and legal consultant is usually the ideal solution. By contracting with an experienced construction law attorney, business owners don’t have to worry about keeping an expensive expert on staff; instead, they simply arrange a reasonable consulting contract for the consultant to be available on an as-needed basis. When business owners have business planning questions or complex regulatory or contract matters to handles, they have someone they can call. When they don’t need his services, they aren’t saddled with the salary and overhead of paying a full-time employee.

John R. Lobherr was one of the first attorneys in Southern California to specialize in construction law and has over 30 years of experience that makes all the difference for the construction firms and small businesses he serves today. John R. Lobherr is ready to put his extensive construction law experience to work for new clients. If you are in need of his services, you should call his offices for an initial consultation.