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New Google campus construction shows innovative approach

Not surprisingly, California leads the way when it comes to innovation in the digital age, but this innovation can also be seen in the numerous progressive and and state-of-the-art construction and civil engineering projects across the state. One of the latest such examples is currently being constructed in Mountain View, where Google is in the midst of construction on their new campus and headquarters.

The new Google campus will incorporate some pretty fascinating features, including waterways, trails and other natural features as well as large canopies which will help regulate the climate and environment of the campus. These features will enhance the ambiance and structure of the buildings, which are also quite innovative in themselves. Google has opted for a modular approach, which will allow entire sections of buildings and offices to be moved, attached, added or removed as projects and new developments require. Rather than being stuck within the “constricting” confines of an immovable building, they hope their new modular approach will allow unparalleled flexibility and fluidity to meet their future needs. While the reviews on the approach are mixed and the success of the project is still far from proven, it is certainly an interesting and progressive approach that is indicative of the California construction industry in this age.

In a lot of ways, the new Google campus is a reflection of the construction industry, which rewards progressive thought and those who can change with the times. To be successful in this fast-paced world, construction firms need to be agile, flexible, and ready to take on new challenges. For a lot of construction outfits, this means knowing where to get help when they need it without being tied down with expensive overhead costs. That is why many people consider seeking the help of an experienced California construction law contract attorney for their legal needs when they arise.

Source: NDTV “Google Unveils Mountain View ‘Campus’ Plan With Modular Buildings,” Feb. 28, 2015