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Construction Law is All We Do
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Confidence in construction litigation starts with experience

People in the construction business know that there is no substitute for experience. No two projects are ever the same, and the dozens of minor issues that are likely to arise in the course of a construction project may not have the same solution every time. So how do construction professionals and small businesses get the edge they need to successfully compete for bids, complete projects and avoid the common pitfalls that are common in the industry, all while turning a profit? The answer lies in having the experience and knowledge to handle any construction litigation situation.

Of course, a lifetime of knowledge of construction law, regulations and business transactions isn’t something young entrepreneurs typically have at their disposal. All small businesses have to start somewhere, and unfortunately these young construction companies don’t have all the advantages of the larger firms, who may have dedicated managers and legal counsel to rely on. To level the playing field, small businesses can consult with John R. Lobherr, a California attorney with over 30 years of experience in the construction business.

John Lobherr has extensive experience in multiple facets of the construction industry, and can give his clients the experience and edge they need to be successful. Whether construction professionals have specific legal questions or just want someone to review their general operations and help along the way, Lobherr’s skills as a consultant can be put to efficient use for any construction operation, large or small.

John Lobherr is available to speak to new clients about their construction business and law issues, from a construction dispute between contractors and subcontractors to dangerous construction defects. Those who could use his 30 years of experience in their corner may schedule an initial consultation today.