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Why mediation should be the start of every CA contract dispute

People in the construction industry in California know that the old axiom “time is money” is absolutely true when there are construction deadlines to meet, subcontractors to pay and laborers to put to work. In an ideal world, construction litigation would be decided quickly, cheaply and even-handedly, but we all know that the current state of affairs in the legal system is nowhere close to this.

Construction litigation and contract dispute cases can take months at the very minimum, but it’s become commonplace to expect litigation to last for years in complex cases. The cost of litigation is also simply not something most construction outfits want to shoulder, as it essentially eats in to their bottom line and overall productivity. Even a win in a court case may not feel like a win when you factor in the time, stress and money spent in the process.

Instead of relying on an already overburdened legal system to settle a contract dispute, the first option for every party should be making a call to an experienced mediation and dispute resolution attorney. John R. Lobherr has over 30 years in the mediation industry and settled many contract disputes and construction claims. He knows that mediation is usually the best option to solve differences quickly, equitably and respectfully.

By utilizing his vast experience in the field and legal knowledge, he is able to gain a better understanding of the clients’ bottom line, legal posture and best-case scenario. John R. Lobherr comes to each dispute resolution opportunity prepared to craft solutions that will help dueling parties avoid litigation, settle their differences, and get on with their projects. Oftentimes, all of this can be achieved with only a fraction of the time and money spent in a typical litigation scenario.