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13 companies to share in $7.3 million middle school project

Companies clamored to make construction bids to assist in the development of the new expansion for a California middle school in Merced City. A total of 24 companies submitted bids to help complete the three new classroom wings. After the bids were collected and analyzed, 13 were recently approved. The value of the bids adds up to $7.3 million.

With the approval of the plans by the California Division of the State Architect this past September and now the acceptance of the construction bids, the project can move forward. “It should be a good project,” said Greg Spicer the associate superintendent for administrative services about updating the mid-1960s building. “We’re excited about it.” 

The associate superintendent isn’t the only one who is likely excited about the project moving forward. In addition, one could guess that the children, faculty and even parents will enjoy the newly-expanded facility. Then, of course, there are the construction companies who get to share in the $7.3 million total.

Crafting the right contract bid is important. It needs not only to have a price that acts as an incentive for acceptance, but the promised amount needs to be one on which the party is able to deliver. Then, it is important to ensure that the contract itself leaves no room for ambiguity. Lack of clarity or poor expectation setting opens the door for contract disputes. 

Prior to submitting a bid, construction companies should in the least have an experienced construction law attorney review the contract. Better yet, the company should consider bringing  a lawyer into the process as soon as possible to ensure that the company’s interests are protected.

Source: The Fresno Bee, “More than $7 million in construction bids awarded for Rivera Middle School expansion,” Doane Yawger, Oct. 16, 2014