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What is a construction defect in California?

The construction industry is a big indicator of the California economy and the country as a whole. If the industry is booming, the economy is stable. If the industry is struggling, the economy is taking a hit. An important part of the construction industry is safety. Defects can happen with construction, which is why we will take a closer look at this topic today.

A construction defect is defined as an issue in your home that reduces the home's value. A good number of defects are difficult to notice, while others are quite noticeable (patent), such as a leak or seepage of water in a basement. Some defects are not found until you have lived in the home for years (latent).

Easy steps to start a business in California

Thinking of starting your own business in California? You might be worried about how difficult the process is or even if your business would qualify. Don't let these worries get in the way. It's actually quite easy to start a business in the state, but it's always a good idea to have an experienced business law attorney on your side in the event that any legal issues arise.

Once you have the idea hashed out, you will need to plan the structure of the business and get it registered with the state. No matter the structure you choose, once the business is registered, it begins receiving tax breaks and the brand is protected. The most important part here is that your personal assets will no longer be on the line once the business is registered.

San Clemente and a homeowners association seek to bar toll road

A homeowners association and the city of San Clemente have initiated two lawsuits against the Transportation Corridor Agency (TCA) in an attempt to halt the creation of a toll road that would cut through the center of the town. In response to the litigation, at a board meeting held on Aug. 10, the TCA voted to defend against the litigation -- stating that it has the right to move forward with the project.

The TCA has been trying to expand the 241 Toll Road to connect with Interstate 5 close to Trestles Beach. However, a coalition of environmentalists filed a lawsuit in opposition to the expansion which has thus far prevented the 241 extension from being built. On Nov. 10, however, the TCA settled the lawsuits of the environmentalists by agreeing not to build or finance a toll road inside a specially identified protective zone to the south of San Clemente.

Tips for avoiding breach of contract issues in California

Entering into a contract for construction is an exciting time for all involved. It can also be a stressful time. Everyone involved might not know what to expect once the contract is signed, even if it is all laid out in black and white. One of the more difficult issues to deal with when it comes to contracts is a contract dispute. Here are some tips for avoiding breach of contract issues in California.

Every contract you sign should clearly outline and explain the quality of work that will be performed. The contract should also specify who determines the level of quality provided and how it is judged. Some companies even offer warranties for their work, putting the responsibility directly on themselves if the client is not completely happy with the quality of work provided.

What you should know about the CSLB's mandatory arbitration program - III

In a series of posts, our blog has been discussing how licensed California contractors must be aware that the complaints of aggrieved parties -- from homeowners and employees to subcontractors and fellow contractors -- may be resolved via alternative dispute resolution.

Specifically, we've been examining how the Contractors State License Board must refer a complaint to arbitration if certain elements are present, as well as the actual process leading up to the arbitration hearing. We'll conclude this discussion in today's post, examining both the hearing itself and the arbitration award. 

California Supreme Court rules in closely watched seawall case

Earlier this week, the California Supreme Court handed down a decision in a closely watched case examining whether landowners who oppose building permit conditions but proceed with their project can later challenge these conditions in court.

The case in question concerned two landowners in Encinitas, who sought approval from the city back in 2009 to replace a wooden seawall with a concrete seawall on their neighboring oceanfront properties. 

Legislative package seeks to ease California's housing shortage

Over the last few months, we spent some time discussing how everyone from economists to government officials have become increasingly concerned about the so-called housing crisis here in California.

Indeed, certain estimates show that the annual growth in the housing stock has been at least 100,000 units short over the last ten years of what is otherwise needed to satisfy both future and current demand. This housing shortage has proven especially hard for the Golden State's middle-class population, which earns too much to qualify for government subsidies, but too little to match the skyrocketing prices of residential homes.

What you should know about the CSLB's mandatory arbitration program - II

In a previous post, we explained how licensed contractors in California must be aware that homeowners, subcontractors, employees or fellow contractors may choose to address grievances with the Contractors State License Board.

We also explained how some of these complaints filed with the CSLB might have to be resolved via arbitration, a process in which an arbitrator -- a specially trained and neutral third party -- hears arguments by both sides and issues a final binding decision. We'll continue this discussion in today's post, exploring more about the process leading up to the arbitration hearing.

How much do you know about contractor advertising requirements? - III

Just like any other entrepreneur in California, contractors are well aware of the need for effective advertising. However, as we've established in prior posts, unlike many other classes of entrepreneurs, contractors are subject to strict advertising requirements.

This means everything from satisfying lettering requirements for business vehicles to prohibiting promotions about bonding. We'll conclude our discussion of this important topic in today's post.

New home construction has risen, but still has a way to go

It's a virtual certainty that any California resident who entertains friends or family hailing from other parts of the nation will hear them comment on two things during their visit: the weather and home prices.

While it's understandably a bit taxing to revisit these points again and again, the Golden State does indeed have some of the highest home prices and rents in the nation. It's important to understand, however, that this reality isn't solely attributable to the fact that "it's a desirable place to live," but rather to construction.

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