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Helping You Deal With Wage Laws And Regulations

If maintaining compliance with prevailing wage laws and regulations was easy, everyone would do it and there wouldn’t be much need for discussion or legal assistance. In reality, the prevailing wage requirement is a dangerous minefield governed by existing case precedents, California Department of Industrial Relations determinations, U.S. Department of Labor memoranda, and a web of state and federal authorities, including:

  • The California Labor Code
  • The California Code of Regulations
  • The Davis-Bacon Act (and related acts and amendments)
  • The Code of Federal Regulations
  • The Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act

Coping With Wage Law Complexities

In addition to the various laws and regulations that may (or may not) apply in any given context, it’s also important to note that prevailing wage rates vary according to geographic regions and specific trades, and that rates change periodically. As a contractor, you are responsible for knowing and adhering to those changes no matter when they occur, and for demonstrating that compliance in your payroll reporting forms.

Having said all that, there are two crucial takeaways here.

Number one, there are very few exceptions to paying workers the prevailing wage. And number two, compliance with prevailing wage requirements is absolutely critical for any contractor who wants to remain eligible to work on public works projects. Additionally, contractors and subcontractors who do not pay prevailing wage rates to workers on public work projects may be subject to legal actions by public entities for noncompliance with prevailing wage statutes.

For an attorney who has decades of experience helping clients address the prevailing wage issue in Orange County, in Los Angeles County and throughout Southern California, contact the Law Offices of John R. Lobherr, Inc.

Proactive Counsel Is Your Best Defense

Leverage California construction lawyer John R. Lobherr’s knowledge of prevailing wage requirements to protect your public works projects, to maintain compliance with your legal obligations or to defend your interests against any claim that you have violated prevailing wage standards.

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