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Providing Aggressive Contractor License Defense Representation

In the state of California, a construction professional or trades person may not be entitled to any payment for work performed on a construction project if he or she does not have the correct license and/or certification in good standing. In fact, he or she can also be forced to return any funds already paid for such work.

This alone makes it absolutely critical to aggressively protect your Contractors State License Board (CSLB) license and/or your state certification for specialty construction work such as asbestos removal or electrical work in any and every situation where your license or certification might be threatened.

For a lawyer who can do this for you in Orange County, Los Angeles or Southern California, contact the Law Offices of John R. Lobherr, Inc.

Protecting Your License And Livelihood

When a complaint is filed against you or your business at the Contractors State License Board, you need to take it seriously and defensively even if you’re certain the claims have no merit. Serious, in this context, means seeking immediate counsel with experience in this area. We have defended numerous contractors against complaints filed with the Contractors State License Board. More importantly, we also provide contractors with strategies to avoid complaints. This requires an immediate reaction.

Keep in mind:

  • The CSLB is an advocate for the consumer — not for you, not for your business and not for your trade. Its mission is to enforce the business and professions code, to regulate the construction trade and to protect the consumer. That’s it.

Also keep in mind:

  • Every complaint has consequences — either on your ability to conduct the business you have, to gain referrals, to preserve and enhance your reputation, to obtain performance and payment bonds or to effectively compete when bidding on projects.

In our experience, most complaints involve either poor communication, inexperienced owners or mismanaged projects that lead to cost overruns that exceed a client’s ability to pay, or simply as a tactic to force a below contract financial settlement. Sometimes, it’s all these.

The Importance Of Having Representation At Board Hearings

Whatever the case, how you respond and what information you share with the board in the early stages of the process will set the tone for the outcome of any dispute regarding your performance or complaints by owners.

As an attorney who has focused his practice solely on construction law matters for more than 30 years, John R. Lobherr can guide you through the investigative, hearing and complaint resolution process. He can effectively advocate on your behalf in arbitrations and can also provide you with knowledgeable guidance regarding license suspensions and disciplinary bonds. There is no challenge here we cannot help you meet.

Working To Achieving The Best Possible Outcome

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